October 1, 2010
Weda launches self-catching pig pens
Press Release
At EuroTier 2010, Weda will be introducing a new self-catching pen (SF2) without mechanical suspension that is maintenance-free, requires no physical strength, and causes no wear-and-tear.
All functions from opening to locking can be performed exclusively via the locking and opening system, which is based on an innovative leverage technique that works in combination with weight shifting on a minimal space.
The main advantage of this new system for practitioners lies in the operation. By means of the new type of free range, the opening and the adjustment of the desired function becomes up to 20-times easier. With this development Weda responds to the demands of modern pig management of operating self-catching pens with less mechanical effort. This way, all requirements of the EU guideline 88/2001 and of the national animal welfare provisions are more than fulfilled.
Thus, the SF series also becomes an ergonomical alternative for unit operators who are of lower stature or of less physical strength. This is a novelty for the branch and the modern answer to the fact that more women are gaining a foothold in the branch of agriculture.

The handling of the self-catching pen is also advantageous for applicants of average physical strength as they will not fatigue so quickly.

The SF system works without wear-and-tear. This way, problems with corroding springs and potential costs due to the procurement of replacement parts or expensive service assignments do not occur any more. A simplified technology provides more time for animal control and management for the unit operator. Another great advantage is enjoyed by the animals, especially by sows which by means of the sophisticated mechanics of the barrier-free door locking system can take up their feed considerable more free from stress.
The locking of the SF2 takes place as standards. When the sow enters, the pen locks itself automatically.

With the aid of the intelligent door flap construction the animal can leave her SF2 at any time without foreign help. This function allows the lower-ranking sows to feed themselves without stress as higher-ranking or aggressive sows do not press after and thus cannot injure the sow inside the stand. This is a practical method for animal protection and prevents the lower-ranking sows from feeling fear, and also prevents them from leaving their stands rarely or not at all.