October 1, 2009

Ukraine grain exports and imports up in August

In August 2009, Ukrainian grain exports rose 7.3 percent or 147,440 tonnes from a year ago, while grain imports rose 41.7 percent or 2,790 tonnes, according to a source from the Cabinet of Ministers.


Exports in August amounted to 2.18 million tonnes at a value US$289.29 million. Shipments include 150,270 tonnes of corn, 1.164 million tonnes of wheat and 861,630 tonnes of barley.


Turkey was the largest buyer of Ukrainian corn, while South Korea was the largest importer of Ukrainian wheat. 


In the first eight months of 2009, grain exports grew 2.2 percent or 8.6 million tonnes, to 15.9 million tonnes for US$2,175.85 million.


In August, grain imports reached 9,480 tonnes at a value of US$3.18 million. For the first eight months of 2009, grain imports fell 21.3 percent or 18,370 tonnes from a year ago to 68,050 tonnes for US$82.10 million.