September 30, 2014


Argentina hake exporters may close pangasius gap left in Brazil



The temporary ban imposed by the Brazilian government on Vietnamese pangasius imports due to sanitary reasons and lack of phytosanitary controls, presents a good opportunity to increase hake shipments from Argentina into that market.


The news was confirmed by the Chamber of Fish Processing Plants Exporters (CAFREXPORT) of Argentina, which reported that Brazil will stop importing about 10,000 containers with Vietnamese native pangasius annually.


This situation creates expectations among entrepreneurs from Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires, who aim to take advantage of the void left in the Brazilian market with Argentinian hake.


CAFEXPORT stressed that while catfish farmed in Vietnam has often raised questions about the conditions under which it is produced, it has displaced other wildlife because of its lower price and it has caused a drop in orders of Argentinian hake by Brazilian importers.

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