September 30, 2011


China Jiangsu's 2011 grain output to surpass 32.5 million tonnes


China's eastern province of Jiangsu is expected to yield more than 32.5 million tonnes of grain in the 2011 crop year, posting a consecutive eighth year of growth, according to Jiangsu Agricultural Committee.


Xu Huizhong, vice president of the committee, said that the planting area of autumn grain in Jiangsu province had seen an increase of 20,067 hectares over last year to hit 2.96 million hectares. Autumn grain, which mainly includes corn and mid-season and late rice, accounts for about 75% of China's total grain production.


It is estimated the planting area of rice in Jiangsu has reached 2.26 million hectares, up 22,533 hectares over last year.


Jiangsu is a major grain producer in China. Its output of grain ranked fourth among all the provinces in China in the 2010 crop year.