September 30, 2010


Cadbury amends labelling to comply with EU rules


EU rules have forced Cadbury's to remove their "glass and a half" description from the back of Dairy Milk wrappers.


The Bournville-based manufacturer has had to rethink its wrappers to conform to EU regulations, said company spokesman Tony Bilsborough.


But he denied reports the "glass and a half" slogan had been ditched. "The slogan continues," he said. "It underpins everything we do with Dairy Milk.


"It was always used on the back of chocolate wrappers but it was an anomaly in many ways now we have gone metric. It was in danger of breaching EU laws on weights and measures.


"We started the process in 2008 - we took legal advice on that, we approached the local Trading Standards Office and they confirmed that that was the case. We have not dropped the slogan in other areas - it is what defines Dairy Milk."


Each bar of Dairy Milk now has the words: "The equivalent of 426 ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate."

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