September 30, 2009

Chilean seafood exports reach US$2.3 billion

Chilean seafood exports reached US$2.363 billion in 2009's first seven months, just 0.4-percent over the US$2.352 billion registered in the same period in 2008, said Fisheries Subsecretariat (SUBPESCA) statistics.


Exports rose 17.7 percent in terms of volume, from 828,000 tonnes through July of 2008 to 974,000 tonnes, said SUBPESCA Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector.


Sales of fishmeal and frozen seafood products accounted for the largest percentage in terms of volume, with 46.1 percent and 33.3 percent of total seafood sales respectively.


Fish oil, refrigerated fresh products, dry algae and canned fish were ranked second, third, fourth and fifth.


The average price of seafood exports through July was US$2.4 per kg, 14.6-percent less than 2008's first seven months.


Atlantic salmon was the most exported product with 29.7 percent of the total value of Chilean export sales. Rainbow trout, pelagic fish and Pacific salmon were next in terms of value.