September 30, 2003



Japanese Scientist Produces First Transgenic Fish


A Japanese expert has come up with a technique producing genetically modified fish, which holds promise for protecting endangered fish species such as Atlantic salmon.


By using primordial germ cells from the gonads of immature fish, Goro Yoshizaki from Tokyo University of Fisheries has created a species through artificial breeding that will replace all the problems inherent in transgenic fish, which are time consuming and unpredictable to breed.


The artificial breeding process started with Yoshizaki and his colleagues extracting cells and modifying them with a green marker protein, before implanting up to 10 of them in 74 baby rainbow trout.


This finding could improve artificial breeding projects aimed at protecting endangered fish because primordial germ cells can survive being frozen for storage. Additionally, the technique could allow endangered species to be spawned from non-endangered species, such as tuna from mackerel.
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