September 29, 2023


African swine fever kills 600 swine in Champhai District, India



African swine fever (ASF) has been detected in the village of Kawlkulh, situated in Champhai District, India, resulting in 600 swine killed due to the disease, East Mojo reported.


Reports received on September 26 indicated that an additional six swine have succumbed to the highly contagious ASF, pushing the total count of swine fatalities to a staggering 359. In a bid to curb the outbreak, 215 swine have been culled in strict adherence to ASF containment protocols.


The District Veterinary Officer has swiftly implemented stringent measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the outbreak. Notably, the village has been placed under restrictions, prohibiting swine slaughtering within its precincts. Furthermore, the export of swine from Kawlkulh has been temporarily suspended to contain the contagion.


ASF, a viral disease known for its high contagiousness among swine, poses a grave threat to the villagers who rely on pig farming as a vital source of livelihood.


-      East Mojo

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