September 29, 2023


Ireland sees 1.2% increase in dairy cow population, while cattle numbers decline



Ireland's Central Statistics Office (CSO) has reported a 1.2% increase in the country's dairy cow population, up 19,300 to 1,646,600 in June, according to the latest data released on September 27, but total cattle numbers have declined year-on-year by 54,700 to 7,341,500, Agriland reported.


The CSO's analysis extends to other segments of the cattle population, showing a decline of 41,000 in the number of other cattle. Furthermore, the total number of cattle less than two years old fell by 87,200, while the number of cattle over two years old increased by 56,100.


The CSO's report encompasses a comprehensive examination of land use and livestock numbers throughout the country in June. It serves to shed light on the sectors that are expanding and those experiencing contractions.


Sophie Emerson, a statistician in the agriculture surveys section of the CSO, said that preliminary estimates for June 2023 show that the area under cereals decreased by 16,800 hectares to 272,000 hectares when compared with June 2022. The area under wheat, oats, and barley decreased by 17.2%, 4.2%, and 2.1%, respectively.


The data also shows an increase in the total number of swine in Ireland in June, with figures rising by 1.6% to reach 1,661,300. This growth includes an upturn in breeding swine numbers, up by 8,400 to 145,600. Similarly, the number of gilts in swine and gilts not yet served experienced increases of 2,600 and 3,000, respectively.


Moreover, there was an increase in the number of other sows for breeding, with figures climbing to 30,200 from 27,400. Additionally, the number of non-breeding swine saw an uptick of 18,100, reaching 1,515,700.


The latest CSO figures highlight that swine weighing 80kg and over grew in number by 23,400 to reach 362,800.


-      Agriland

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