September 29, 2003



Vaccine For Chinese Poultry Exports To Macau and Hong Kong


From the end of this year onwards, all poultry exported from mainland China to the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) will be vaccinated with H5 bird flu bacterin, according to the Macau Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau Friday.


The bureau said that it will send officials to a H5 bird flu bacterin production plant in Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province by the end of this month to acquire more information on the bacterin.


The H5 bird flu bacterin vaccine protects these birds from the infectious H5 bird flu, with no supposed effect on the taste and quality of meat. Imported chicken from China constitutes Macau's main source of poultry. The region last year imported a total of 2.77 million heads of poultry including chicken, duck and geese from the mainland.


Although Macau had no reported cases of bird flu infection, several cases have been found in neighbouring Hong Kong, which aroused the concern. All poultry headed for Hong Kong has been given the H5 bird flue bacterin since this month.