AB Vista will continue its expansion across the Asia Pacific region with the launch of Signis in three more countries, namely, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

Signis – the world's first stimbiotic product – is a feed additive that improves the gut health of poultry and swine and improves animals' resilience to challenges. It works by stimulating and accelerating the microbiome's ability to ferment fibre efficiently, thereby improving nutrient digestibility and optimising gut function. This makes the animals more efficient, perform better and improves liveability.

Additionally, using Signis helps to significantly reduce production costs – a particularly welcome benefit at a time when animal producers are having to grapple with increasing prices.

Commenting on the launch, AB Vista's ASPAC technical director, Dr. Usama Aftab, said: "We are very excited to be bringing Signis to more countries, to improve the gut health and performance of even more animals.

"As animal agriculture looks to reduce or eliminate antibiotic usage, Signis can help fill that vacuum by offering an alternative nutritional strategy that ensures the right balance between animal health, performance and feed efficiency."

Signis, which is already available in Indonesia and Malaysia, have launched in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam. It will be launched later in the Philippines and Thailand in November.

Visit AB Vista at: www.abvista.com
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