September 27, 2022


Australia's CirPro to introduce steaks from cattle fed methane-reducing seaweed supplement



South Australian protein producer CirPro is preparing to plate up the first steaks from cattle that have been fed a new methane-reducing seaweed feed supplement, as farmers line up for products that will help cut their emissions.


Industry experts said asparagopsis – a red seaweed native to Australian waters that drastically lowers methane emissions from livestock – has passed through the research and development phase and is nearing wide scale production.


Cattle at CirPro's partner feedlot in Port Pirie are now fed a seaweed feed supplement produced by CH4 Global. 


Dr. Adam Main, the Australian general manager of seaweed producer CH4 Global, said the last two and half years have laid the groundwork for asparagopsis to be produced at large commercial quantities for feedlots.


"In 2023, the rubber will hit the road and we'll see significant growth in our productivity, both in Australia and New Zealand," Dr. Main said.


CH4 Global sold its first batch of its asparagopsis feed supplement to CirPro, formerly called Pririe Meats, in June. It will host a small event on September 27 where guests will be consuming the final product.


"These cattle produced 90% less methane than their counterparts anywhere else in the world, taking a significant step towards lowering our global emissions," Dr. Main said.


He added that the company has a "long line outside the door" of cattle, sheep and dairy farmers who want to buy the product to reduce their methane emissions.


"Australian farmers are early adopters and innovators in climate technology," he said.


CH4's supplement is formulated using asparagopsis from both marine and tank cultivation. Tim Williams, the chief executive officer of CH4, which raised $US13 million in 2021, said the company has received "tremendous interest" from investors.


"The good news is they've heard about us, they're coming to us, and they understand the impact we're trying to make," Williams said.

- Financial Review

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