September 27, 2006


Russian wheat fails quality test at Indian port 



A cargo of around 50,000 tonnes of imported wheat of Russian origin recently failed quality tests at southern port of Chennai, a senior government official said Tuesday (Sep 26).


"Under the norms prescribed in the tender issued in June, the wheat should not have contained more than 1.0 percent foreign matter but the initial report of the port health officer shows it has around 1.1 percent foreign matter," the official told Dow Jones Newswires.

He said the government is hopeful that the issue will be resolved as soon as several other cargoes of the same origin have passed the quality tests.


The official said the government has the option to resample the cargo for quality tests.


The official declined to comment on a query whether resampling has already been done for another quality test.


He said there have been quality issues in wheat imports in April and May this year from Australia as well, but they were all settled amicably.


India's federal government contracted imports of 5.5 million tonnes wheat through the State Trading Corp between February and September this year. Deliveries are currently underway.


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