September 26, 2017


Brazilian beef exports up 13.4% in August



Based on its export performance last month, it would seem that Brazilian beef has recovered from the tainted-meat scandal that blew up in mid-March.


According to data from the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters (ABIEC), Brazilian beef exports in August grew 13.4% to 145,822 tonnes compared with the previous month. So far this year, it is the best month for Brazilian beef exporters.


The August exports generated a turnover of more than US$ 607 million, or 12.8% higher than in July.


Compared with August 2016, last month's beef exports grew 34% both in terms of volume and

value. August posted the best performance since October 2013 in terms of volume and since December 2014 in terms of sales.


Hong Kong continued to be the main importer of Brazilian beef, purchasing 34,540 tonnes (7.4% more than in July), followed by Egypt, which imported 23,070 tonnes (up 27.8%) and China, with 18,565 tonnes (up 15.1%).


ABIEC said it continues to focus its efforts on opening new markets and expanding their presence in strategic partners, with China as a priority.


More meatpackers allowed to export to China


Earlier this month China announced that more Brazilian meatpackers would be allowed to export meat to China following a meeting between the presidents of both Brazil and China. Brazil could possibly double the volume of beef sold to the Asian country.


Currently, Brazil produces around 9.1 million tonnes of beef, around 20% of which are exported.


In March, the Brazilian meat scandal erupted when the police announced that 21 Brazilian meat companies--including Brazil's largest meat producers, BRF and JBS--might have bribed government officials to approve spoiled meat.


Because of the scandal, at least 25 countries suspended imports of Brazilian meat.


Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef and poultry, and the fourth-largest exporter of pork. --Rick Alberto

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