September 25, 2009

Lithuania's red meat output goes downhill

Lithuania's red meat production is on a rapid decline as it produced only 17,000 tonnes of fresh and chilled beef and veal carcasses in the first half of 2009.


That is down 5.1 percent on-year, and down 22.1 percent from the first half of 2007.


The production of pig carcasses in Lithuania during the period also fell 26.9 percent on-year to 20,000 tonnes.


Such low figures may pose a threat to Lithuania's meat security, said officials of the local Meat Industry Association.


In addition, nearly all domestic meat products are exported, while most meat products sold locally are imported, causing losses of local meat producers and processors.


Russia was the largest market for Lithuania's red meat but export figures have dropped dangerously low due to the production slump, with sources in the Meat Industry Association admitting they did not know how to handle with such a situation.


Lithuania consumes two million pigs a year, but produces only one million pigs, according to official data.

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