September 24, 2020


Indonesia begins development on food estate project


Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the country has begun development on food estate to grow corn, rice and other crops to reduce its reliance on food imports, Reuters reported.


The project is spearheaded by minister Prabowo Subianto covers 770,000 hectares (1,903,000 acres).


The food estate project will allocate 622,000 hectares of non-irrigated land for crops like corn, and 148,000 hectares to rice.


According to President Jokowi, the food estate will be built in Central Kalimantan on Borneo island and in North Sumatra, and later expanded to West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, and South Sumatra.


He said the project will include infrastructure support and road access to facilitate the use of large modern agricultural tools.


Environmental groups have criticised the food estate project as the dried out peatland may cause forest fires.


-      Reuters

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