September 24, 2018


Adisseo holds Advancia Academy 2018




After its Advancia Academy on "Rearing birds under hot conditions" last March in Bangkok, Adisseo held its 2nd Advancia Academy 2018 on Sept 17 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, prior to the XVth European Poultry Conference WPSA.


Prof. Bernd KASPERS (Univ Munich, Germany) & Prof Mingan CHOCT (UNE, Australia) chaired this intensive day on intestinal frontier integrity.


Advancia Academy is a scientific and technical community which gathers scientists from all over the world from academia as well as industry to share research progress on animal protein production issues. "We have decided to focus our 2nd Advancia 2018 on understanding the drivers of intestinal frontier integrity to support performance efficacy. The intestinal frontier indeed has to absorb nutrients and also avoid penetration of unfavourable bacteria or feed components, thus being more of a frontier than a barrier," said Dr. Pierre-André Geraert, Director Scientific Marketing, Adisseo.

Prof. Todd APPLEGATE (Univ Georgia, USA) opened the Academy by addressing the first role of the intestinal frontier - absorbing nutrients under various conditions. Prof. Markus RODEHUTSCORD (Univ Hohenheim, Germany) illustrated how anti-nutrients, using phytate as an example, can challenge the intestinal frontier. The intestine also represents an important user of amino acids as presented by Prof. Mike KIDD (Univ Arkansas, USA) through the first pass and the adaptation to challenging conditions. When addressing gut frontier integrity, tight junctions appeared to be the first barrier and Dr. Raquel MARTIN-VENEGAS (Fac Pharmacy, Barcelona, Spain) explained that maintaining their function is key for efficient nutrient absorption and restricting entrance to xenobiotics.


The intestinal mucosa appears at the forefront of the exposure to challenging bacteria or diet components, and the gut immune system is the first to be exposed and to have to react. Prof. Bernd KASPERS (Univ Munich, Germany) nicely illustrated how the gut immune system development depends on the microbiota. Dr. Fabrice LAURENT (INRA, Tours, France) further developed on the gut reaction to parasites such as cryptosporidium and coccidia.


The gut has to be considered as an ecosystem. Prof. Filip VAN IMMERSEEL (Ghent Univ, Belgium) showed how important the gut microbiota is and how one can influence its profile and metabolism through nutrition. Moreover, he highlighted the difference between mucosa-associated bacteria and lumen bacteria. Dr. Estelle DEVILLARD (Adisseo, France) illustrated the concept of gut symbiosis and showed how probiotic and more specifically some Bacillus strains can reinforce gut immune response and reduce inflammation. Lastly, the gut redox balance is also an important component of its integrity and its efficacy as demonstrated by Prof Peter SURAI (Feed-Food Ltd, Scotland, UK).


Finally, Prof Mingan CHOCT summarised the day with the key take-home messages and the outputs of the workshop groups where all participants could further discuss on relevant issues linked to intestinal frontier integrity.

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