September 23, 2011


China's meat output to reach 85 million tonnes by 2015


China's production of meat, egg and milk will hit 85 million tonnes, 29 million tonnes and 50 million tonnes respectively by 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said Wednesday (Sep 21).


The animal husbandry industry is expected to contribute 36% to the gross output value of China's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sectors by 2015, according to the five-year development plan for the country's livestock industry.


China will further improve food quality and safety, while requiring the qualified rate of fodders to reach 95% or above and limiting illegal additives below 0.1%, the ministry added.


Moreover, the ministry also encouraged local authorities to set up guarantee funds to provide financing services for leading breeding and processing enterprises in the industry.

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