September 23, 2011


UK's First Milk increases paying price to liquid pool



From October 1, First Milk is increasing the price it pays to its liquid pool by GBX1.5 (US$0.02) per litre to GBX27.9 (US$ 0.43) per litre, while cheese producers and its balancing pools will get GBX1 (US$0.02) per litre, lifting their price to GBX27.5 (US$0.42) per litre.


Kenneth Campbell, NFU Scotland Milk Committee chairman, said that significant progress in terms of efficiency and governance, along with a huge appetite and ambition to look at alternative markets, has allowed First Milk to significantly improve its performance over recent years.


"It is hugely encouraging that both First Milk and Milk Link, as the only two major co-ops, are now positioning themselves as increasingly credible options for dairy farmers".


Lawrie and Symington sold 20 prime heifers in Lanark on Monday (Sep 19) to a top of GBX216 (US$3.33) per kilogramme and an average of GBX200.2 (US$3.09), while 32 prime bullocks peaked at GBX213 (US$3.28) and levelled at GBX203.1 (US$3.02).


In the rough ring, 62 beef cows averaged GBX132 (US$2.03), while 44 dairy cows levelled at US$1.65.


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 39 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday (Sep 20) to a top of GBX211 (US$3.25) and an average of GBX188.6 (US$2.90), while 24 prime bullocks peaked at GBX201 (US$3.10) and levelled at GBX177.1 (US$2.73). There were also 11 young bulls that sold at GBX198.5 (US$3.06) and averaged GBX181.9 (US$2.80). In the rough ring, 108 beef cows averaged GBX129.8 (US$2), while 168 dairy cows levelled at GBX108.6 (US$1.67).


A nice show of 15 dairy cattle saw Holstein heifers sell to US$3,202, US$3002 (x2) and US$2,771.