September 22, 2023


Israeli aquaculture firm to establish US facility in South Carolina




Israel-based aquaculture company Pure Blue Fish plans to set up a zero-discharge recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) in South Carolina, US to raise yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) and croaker, addressing the demand for sustainable seafood production, SeafoodSource reported.


Construction is scheduled to commence in late 2023 and is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete. Once operational, the farm will have an impressive annual capacity of 4,600 tonnes of fish.


Pure Blue Fish's choice of South Carolina as its launchpad into the US aquaculture market is underpinned by the state's favourable business environment and robust support for the project. The company is stepping into the sector to meet the rising demand for sustainable seafood production, which comes in response to the pressing issues of overfishing and pollution that threaten wild fisheries. By implementing indoor RAS technology, Pure Blue Fish aims to alleviate these pressures on oceans while simultaneously providing a local source of healthy, contaminant-free fish.


The South Carolina Department of Agriculture originally unveiled the company's intentions to establish a facility in the state back in 2020. At that time, it was estimated that the US$28 million investment would generate 82 new jobs.


Founded in 2016, Pure Blue Fish boasts the use of a unique RAS technology developed over 25 years, currently operational at its production facility in Israel. The company's zero-discharge system relies on specialized biological water treatment solutions, allowing for complete self-containment. This system can function independently of natural water sources, without the need for connections to sewage systems or the discharge of fish waste into the environment.


-      SeafoodSource

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