September 22, 2022


China to release 14,4000 tonnes of pork from state reserves



Based on a notice published by the China Merchandise Reserve Management Centre, 14,400 tonnes of frozen pork from the country's state reserves are expected to be released to maintain stable prices for the meat, Reuters reported.


The country has already announced that it intends to release pork reserves before October's National Day holidays to keep pork prices stable during a period of increased demand.


Central pork reserves were also released to ensure supply and stable prices ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival. China's National Development and Reform Commission (NRDC) also assisted provinces to release more of their frozen pork stockpiles.


China said it will keep an eye on the pork market and release reserves at a higher rate as needed. The NDRC said it is advised that breeding farms continue to produce at a regular rate and that pertinent businesses release commercial stock of pork in a systematic way to satisfy market demand.


-      Reuters

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