September 22, 2014


Bangladesh's 5th dairy and poultry expo slated May 28 to 30, 2015



Bangladesh's 5th International Dairy & Poultry Expo will be held from May 28 to 30, 2015, at the Bashundhara Convention Centre in Dhaka. More than 30 companies from India, China, Korea, Japan, US, Taiwan, Turkey and the Netherlands are expected to take part and showcase their products during the event.

Organised by the Rural Development Academy (RDA), a state agency, in association with various feed, livestock and fisheries industry associations, the three-day trade event will cover not just dairy and poultry but related industries as well including feed mill equipment, meat processing machineries, and fisheries.

The trade show, the RDA says, seeks to create a single forum for the Bangladeshi livestock community and those in the related industries and to update farmers on new technologies and farming trends.

Simultaneous with the exhibition, an industry conference will be held in the convention center's Seminar Hall. It is being organised by the Bangladesh PoultryIndustries Association, Bangladesh Poultry Owner's Associations, Bangladesh Hatcheries Owner's Associations, Bangladesh Poultry Equipment Associations, Dairy Owner's Associations, and the Agro Processor Associations.

The dairy and poultry expo also coincides with the AgroTech Bangladesh 2015  trade show, to be held also in the same venue.

Bangladesh, show organizers say, has good market potential for poultry, feed mill, fisheries and milk production equipment, along with meat processing machineries and technologies since most of those involved in livestock, feed, dairy and fisheries industries are looking toditch their age-old equipment to modernisetheir operations.

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