September 22, 2009


AgriMarine to develop closed containment fish farm in China



Canada's AgriMarine Holdings Inc. is developing the world's first commercial closed containment fish farm in the Benxi Region of Liaoning Province and has established its China headquarters in Benxi.


The fish farm will be located at the Guanmenshan Power Reservoir in Benxi Region, and it will utilise AgriMarine's floating solid wall rearing container technology.


The 24-metre diameter tanks, containing 3,000,000 litres of circulating water, was manufactured in Shenyang, assembled at the reservoir farm and stocked with 50,000 juvenile trout from the Benxi Salmon & Trout Hatchery Centre.


The steelhead trout will grow to harvest size and be ready for consumer markets over the next 10 to 12 months.


AgriMarine's solid-wall containment technology was developed to solve many issues faced by traditional net cage rearing practices that are used worldwide. AgriMarine's system reduces local nutrient pollution of the receiving water systems through the capture of waste feed/feces and facilitates improved feed conversions; mitigates environmental effects on wild fish through the prevention of escapes and avoids proximal contaminations such as marine parasites.

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