September 22, 2003



E.U. Ban On Animal Antibiotics Challenged


The ban on antibiotic growth promoters may harm animals without any benefit to consumers, say critics of the proposed European Union law.


A panel of experts have revealed that the theoretical and political benefit of the widespread ban scheduled for 1 January, 2006 needs to be reviewed more thoroughly with all possible adverse consequences taken into consideration.


The report noted that earlier bans on specific antibiotic growth promoters have led to withdrawal and a subsequent negative impact on animal health, including clostridial necrotic enteritis in broilers. It is a fallacy to think that such a ruling was enacted to protect human health, say the authors.


The European parliament has prohibited the use of antibiotics, but studies are showing that this could result in loses from the harm it does to animals, especially poultry. EU competitiveness relatively to Third World imports, could also be adversely affected. 
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