September 21, 2012


Russia, Belarus allot funds to bolster feed industries



Allocation of funds to support the livestock feed production industries have been announced by Russia and Belarus.


Belarus will allocate BYR134 billion (US$15 million) of credit to help develop its feed industry organisations, announced the government in a press release.


A total of 21 organisations will receive support. Over BYR81 billion (US$9.6 million) will be allocated by Belagroprombank, BYR32.8 billion (US$3.9 million) by Belarusbank and BYR20.4 billion (US$2.4 million) by the Bank for the Development of the Republic of Belarus.


These funds will be used for construction, reconstruction, repair, modernisation and technical re-equipment of production facilities of feed production.


The Russian government is also providing funds to support the producers of animal feed, which have been affected by the drought this year. The total support for drought-stricken farmers could reach RUB19 billion (US$616 million), said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.


As reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in late August, the authorities are discussing the possibility of allocating the drought-stricken region of RUB6 billion (US$200 million) in direct subsidies. They are also discussing the possibility of providing the affected areas with budget loans.


These funds will be used to purchase and supply of feed for poultry, pork and maintain of the number of cattle, as well as to ensure the affected farms with seeds and fertilisers, informed the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the ministry, the damage suffered by the Russian farmers this year because of drought is estimated at RUB37.5 billion (US$1.2 billion).

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