September 20, 2023


INVE Aquaculture, Aris introduce automated food counting tool for fish production



INVE Aquaculture and Aris have collaborated to introduce SnappArt, a revolutionary automated live food counting tool set to transform the way fish and shrimp growths are managed.


The application is expected to set new standards for optimal feed management and enhanced production quality. The project was supported by Eurostars, an European funding instrument for collaborative R&D and innovation projects.


SnappArt was officially launched on the European market during a product launch event at Aquaculture Europe in Vienna, Austria. A roll-out in additional regions across the globe will follow soon.


Representing a monumental shift in live food quantification, SnappArt replaces conventional manual counting with a method that requires far less time and effort while offering unparalleled precision, according to INVE. This technological innovation propels hatcheries towards more time- and cost-efficient, sustainable, and consistent live food production.


At the heart of SnappArt is its artificial intelligence-driven image analysis software that ensures rapid, precise analysis of samples. A highly intuitive user interface makes the device remarkably easy to operate.


When implemented in the fish or shrimp hatchery, SnappArt revolutionises the assessment of the quality of Artemia and Rotifer live feed, ensuring consistent and reliable results. With reduced inspection time and data-driven decision-making, hatcheries can boost their profitability, optimise growth ratios and improve their overall production efficiency, INVE noted.


The company also highlighted other advantages of SnappArt including:


    - Fast data processing: Accelerated data processing provides instant results visualisation, reducing manual labor and facilitating informed decision-making;


    - Comprehensive management software: The SnappArt software and portal allows easy data access, automated analyses and customisable reports.


The main fields of SnappArt's application are aquaculture hatcheries, research institutions, and larviculture and fry production.



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