September 20, 2023


Anthrax confirmed in South Dakota, US beef herd



Anthrax has been confirmed in a South Dakota, US beef herd located in Ziebach County, the first case of anthrax in the state this year, with several animals found dead in an unvaccinated herd of approximately 150 pairs, Outbreak News Today reported.


South Dakota state veterinarian, Beth Thompson, confirmed the presence of anthrax in the state. The disease was confirmed by the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory at South Dakota State University, based on samples submitted by the herd veterinarian.


In response to the anthrax outbreak, the Animal Industry Board has placed the affected herd under quarantine and will extend quarantine measures to any additional affected herds.


Proper handling of carcasses is of utmost importance during an anthrax outbreak. The recommended procedure involves burning and burying carcasses to prevent the spread of the disease.


Anthrax is known for its economic devastation in the livestock industry due to its ability to cause a rapid loss of many animals within a short period. Affected animals are often discovered dead, making timely intervention crucial.


-      Outbreak News Today

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