September 20, 2023


Bacolod, Philiipines, provides financial aid to ASF-affected hog producers




The government of Bacolod, a city on the northwest coast of Negros Island, the Philippines, has started to release financial assistance to hog producers affected by the African swine fever (ASF), which has almost wiped out the backyard swine population there.


City Administrator Pacifico Maghari III said on September 19 that based on records, some 842 hog producers reported swine deaths to the city government. So far, some seven backyard producers from Barangay Taculing have already received financial assistance totaling  ₱102,000 (US$1,796).


"That's the initial batch. Others are still processing their documents," Maghari said. The aid includes ₱7,000 (US$123) per head for breeder hogs, ₱5,000 (US$88) per head for fattening pigs, and ₱3,000 (US$53) per head for piglets.


Last June, the city government set aside ₱10 million (US$176,060) as cash indemnification for ASF-affected backyard producers.


Councilor Jude Thaddeus Sayson, chairperson of the City Council's committee on agriculture and fisheries, said he could not yet say that Bacolod has recovered from the effects of ASF.


"The best solution is the vaccine, but until now, it is not yet available," he added. "It's very risky to invest in hog production again because the stocks could still die due to the virus."



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