September 20, 2018

China forbids use of food waste as pig feed in provinces impacted by swine fever


China's agriculture ministry has announced the prohibited use of food waste as pig feed in provinces affected by the recent outbreaks of African swine fever, Reuters reported.

The move would also extend to neigbouring regions, as part of efforts to control the disease. In addition, the use of pig blood as a raw material to produce pig feed is banned, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said.

Furthermore, producers of pig feed are required to send samples for testing. Any feed tested positive for the virus would be recalled from the market and destroyed.

Based on China's law, food waste must be heat-treated to exterminate bacteria or disease which could infect pigs. However, it was found that the process was usually not implemented in order to save costs.

Since early August, China has reported slightly more than a dozen outbreaks of African swine fever in six provinces, which mainly struck small farms.

- Reuters

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