September 20, 2013


Bayer offers its rapeseed varieties

Bayer, which has recently entered the seed industry with its two Roundup Ready rapeseed varieties, believes it will be able to attract a good market share in Australia with its offerings.


Bayer market development agronomist Jeremy White said the IH 30 variety was suited to low rainfall zone environments, while the other variety, IH 50 is more suited to medium rainfall zones.


The two varieties are hybrids, with White saying the hybrid vigour was a good advantage early in the season. He said the varieties were the first two offerings from Bayer in Australia, bred using Bayer's global rapeseed gene pool, including material from Europe and Canada.


He said IH 30 would stack up well in Mallee environments and in tough seasons as it could perform well in short seasons.


White said the Bayer Australia breeding team was also working on new advances, including analysing results out of Canada for varieties with reduced pod shatter.

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