September 20, 2013


Russia halves wheat exports in Jan–Jul


In January-July 2013, Russia more than halved its wheat and meslin exports to 3.266 million tonnes from about eight million tonnes in the same period of 2012.


The Federal Customs Service said that Russia exported 3.050 million tonnes of grain for US$803.9 million to countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).


Wheat imports increased to 582,800 tonnes in January–July, up 10.5 times of 2012. The largest volumes of grain were imported from the CIS countries at 473,000 tonnes.


In the stated period Russia also imported 232,900 tonnes of barley and 43,100 tonnes of corn.


Grain exports, including flour in grain equivalent, totalled 3.53 million tonnes in August, or up 24% on-year. In particular, this volume was comprised of 3,041,400 tonnes of wheat, 403,800 tonnes of barley and 23,900 tonnes of corn.


The key buyers of Russian wheat remain Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Iran and Azerbaijan. Barley was supplied mostly to Saudi Arabia, while corn went to Italy and Azerbaijan.

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