September 19, 2022


US pork exports dropped 6% in July



US pork exports for this year remained below 2021's pace but continued to gain strength in Colombia and the Caribbean, and stayed above year-ago for Mexico, the leading destination for US pork.


According to US Meat Export Federation (USMEF), US pork exports reached 208,095  in July, down 6% from a year ago, valued at US$625 million (down 5%). Through July, exports were 17% below last year at just under 1.5 million tonnes, valued at US$4.24 billion (down 15%).


July pork exports to leading market Mexico reached 70,245 tonnes, up 6% from a year ago, while export value jumped 16% to US$169.6 million.


US pork exports to Colombia continued to surge in July, climbing 24% to 9,078 tonnes, while export value increased 23% to US$22.3 million.


July pork exports to the Caribbean increased 15% from a year ago to 6,327 tonnes, while value also climbed 15% to $19 million.


July pork exports to South Korea reached 14,662 tonnes, up 7% from a year ago, while value was steady at US$50.2 million.


While still below year-ago levels, July pork exports to China/Hong Kong were the largest since September at 44,943 tonnes, valued at US$117.2 million (the highest since July 2021). The strength is in variety meats, which reached 29,539 tonnes in July, the most since July 2021, valued at US$71.2 million.


July pork exports to Japan were 28,745 tonnes, down 8% from a year ago, valued at US$116.9 million (down 15%).



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