September 19, 2018

Cobb delegates meet in the Netherlands for fifth grandparent stock roundtable


Cobb's grandparent production managers from across Europe recently met in the Netherlands this summer for the region's fifth grandparent stock roundtable.

For two days, delegates from Cobb distributors in Germany, Spain and Sweden joined Cobb managers from the Netherlands and the UK to review the latest technical information and exchange best practices.

Together, this group of close to 15 poultry experts is responsible for all grandparent-level stock, providing customers in Europe with Cobb parent stock.

During the roundtable, attendees reviewed techniques to maximise performance of the company's quality products - particularly bringing breeding stock into lay. Additional roundtable agenda items included the importance of body weight control on production and hatchability, how feed strategy impacts a male's fleshing score and sharing best practices with customers as part of Cobb's technical support programme.

Roundtable participants also visited a Cobb grandparent farm at the Wilzing family facility in Zeewolde. There, attendees reviewed on the evaluation of a bird's fleshing in order to determine if they are ready for light stimulation - a technique implemented across the region in 2017.

"These new practices have allowed us to more efficiently make decisions regarding fleshing, leading to a dramatic increase in hatchability," said Richard Weatherley, production director of Cobb Europe.

The group also discussed priorities for the region in the year ahead, which include optimising preparations for males to mate and females for production.

"The roundtable is an invaluable opportunity to spend time with people who are the experts in their field, comparing notes and sharing stories," said Patrick van Trijp, Cobb Europe's senior account manager.

"Cobb Europe is proud to work with these distributors and we take great pride in knowing that our parent stock customers will receive high quality birds and genetic lines."

- Cobb