September 18, 2023


Iowa, US launches grant programme for animal vaccine research



Mike Naig, Secretary of Agriculture in Iowa, US, has introduced the Livestock Protection Innovation Grant Programme, aimed at offering financial support to Iowa-based companies engaged in the development of vaccines designed to safeguard the state's livestock from foreign animal diseases, Daily Gate City reported.


With concerns over highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), African swine fever (ASF), and foot and mouth Disease (FMD), the programme underscores the US state's proactive stance in enhancing preparedness and protection for its thriving livestock industry.


Recognising the pivotal role innovation plays in safeguarding its livestock industry, the Iowa legislature, with Governor Reynolds' support, allocated US$250,000 for livestock vaccine development during the recent legislative session.


Secretary Naig emphasised the significance of this initiative, highlighting the immense importance of protecting Iowa's livestock industry, which contributes a staggering US$13 billion to the state's economy.


The programme is conceived as an essential component of the state's strategy to fortify its defences against foreign animal diseases, ensuring the safety of its food supply chain.


Under this programme, Iowa-based entities are invited to apply for grant funding to support the creation of safe and effective vaccines for livestock protection. The competitive application process will see proposals evaluated and scored, with grant awards extending up to US$250,000.


-      Daily Gate City

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