September 18, 2020


AB Vista "peels back layers of fibre for animal performance" with white paper


AB Vista has published a new white paper called "Peeling Back the Layers of Fibre for Animal Performance" which discusses several misconceptions held in the industry about the complex topic of dietary fibre, the company announced.

The white paper also explores the potential of NSP (non starch polysaccharides) analysis through NIR (near infrared) to bring new insights related to fibre composition, and outlines the tools available today for producers to extract value of the dietary fibre through the modulation of gut microbiome and better performance.

The paper follows the release of "An Introduction to Fibre Analysis Using NIR" in July, which provides NSP values for raw materials and cereals, highlighting the variations. "Peeling Back the Layers of Fibre for Animal Performance" considers the different fibre parameters analysed in the introductory guide explaining what the composition and the variation of the different parameters could potentially mean for producers.

AB Vista's global technical support manager, Xavière Rousseau, said: "With the cost of soybean meal increasing, a rising pressure to use more local ingredients and a desire to improve gut function, we anticipate the level of interest in the fibre fraction is likely to increase. With this in mind, it's important to develop our knowledge of this topic.

"There is still much to learn and research in this area, however, through our work with the International Fibre Summit, our NSP analysis service and unique stimbiotic product Signis, we are well positioned to help customers gain a deeper understanding of how best to extract the hidden value within fibre to improve productivity."

A free copy of the whitepaper can be requested from regional AB Vista representatives or downloaded via the website:

- AB Vista

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