September 17, 2015

Ayurvet's technical manager to present at Livestock Asia's broiler seminar


Ayurvet limited, a leading herbal animal health company from India, announces its participation at the Livestock Asia Expo in Malaysia during September 21-23.

Their associate in the country,Yenher-agro, will also be present.

Ayurvet's focus during Livestock Asia will be on food safety challenges caused by harmful chemicals and ammonia. In attendance are M.JSaxena, the company's managing director, international business head Dr. Prafull Kumar, and technical manager Dr. SrijitTripathi.

Dr.Tripathi will be delivering a technical presentation on September 23 at the broiler technical seminar of the expo. The topic concerns a novel approach towardscontrolling flies problems in poultry farms and ensuring food safety with the application of natural solutions.

Reducingammonia concentration, as well as preventing the presence of flies in farms, has been one of the most serious concerns of poultry farmers. With food safety as a key issue, farmers need to know how to maintain a safe and clean livestock environment, so as to help raise profits and contribute to food security.

Discussions regarding the subject will be conducted during the expo.

Every sectors of the broiler industry is expected to receive vital information applicable in operational use.

In addition, the concept of "Triad of Profitability" will be shared during the presentation.

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