September 17, 2010

Expected rise in Irish poultry sales to boost animal feed sector


The anticipated increase in Ireland's poultry sales could boost its animal feed industry.

A study by meat consultancy firm GIRA has revealed that demand for poultry products is set to rise as a result of growing populations. The company predicts global demand for all meats will grow by 40 million tonnes (15%) over the next 10 years, with 60% of this driven by poultry.

Ian Murphy of Invest Northern Ireland, one of the organisations funding the research, claimed farmers must increase production to handle the clamour for poultry.

"What companies must do is to redouble their efforts to ensure efficiency, productivity and innovation in areas such as higher value added products for niche markets, and overall competitiveness," he said.

According to the study, poultry is likely to be popular as it is cheap and easy to produce compared to red meats.

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