September 17, 2010


China's Shandong to boost agriculture and fishery sectors


Shandong province has announced guidelines for developing and upgrading the agriculture and fishery industries, specifically focusing on the fields of vegetable, fishery, animal husbandry, fruit, and tree and flower.


The work aims to lift the quality of the industry and the per capita income of farmers. By 2015, the industry output value of the five fields combined is expected to constitute 85% of the total output of the agriculture and fishery industries. The per capita income of farmers is expected to rise to RMB1,500 (US$223).


The guidelines suggest growing more greenhouse vegetables and improve the technology and skill of farming through upgrading facilities and equipment. The fishery industry can broaden the species and develop the export market.


The animal husbandry industry can do the same, improving the breeding structure by stabilising the supply of quality species of pig and poultry. Breeding more herbivorous animals is also one way to upgrade the structure.