September 17, 2004



Adisseo's Rovabio, The Versatile Enzyme™  Obtains The Final Authorization For Broilers


Adisseo is one of the five manufacturers which received back in July a European permanent authorization for the use of Rovabio™  Excel AP/LC for broilers inside the EU. This agreement is a vindication for Rovabio™ 's excellent results on the concerned species, which were tested by three independent European laboratories. Rovabio™  is also authorized for use in layers and turkeys.


An original multienzyme activity to improve breeding results

Rovabio™  is an original non-GMO blend of 17 mutually compatible enzyme activities. It significantly improves the nutritional value of all grain-based (wheat, barley and corn) and soy-based diets, reduces the impact of variations in feed quality and secures feed formulation transitions.


In broilers, Rovabio™  results in:

    • Bigger chickens, due to improved food efficiency
    • Increased uniformity of batches intended for slaughter
    • Better breeding conditions, with dryer litter and less ammonia in the air

In layers, the addition of Rovabio™  to grain- or soy-based feed results in:

    • An increase in the mass of the eggs laid (in grams per chicken per day) with a higher consumption index
    • A decrease in the proportion of soiled eggs because of decreased water consumption and dryer droppings
    • Improved digestion of nutrients together with improved pigment absorption, resulting in brighter yolks (0.2 to 1 point on the Roche scale)

The Rovabio™  unique composition makes it the natural solution for the animal's excellence.