September 17, 2004



Brazil's Chicken Exports In Jan-Aug Rise 53.8%


Brazil's January to August chicken exports totaled $1.706 billion and 1.597 million tons. The figures are up 53.8% and 26% respectively on the same period last year, the Brazilian Chicken Exporters Association (Abef) announced Thursday.


The Middle East remained the main market for Brazilian chicken exports January to August, receiving 447,630 tons, up 23% on Jan-Aug 2003. Saudi Arabia bought around 45% of the total export volume to the region, according to Abef. The country is the largest single buyer of Brazilian chicken.


Exports to the Far East over the period rose 37% to 401,212 tons, while those to the EU fell 15.5% to 185,901 tons. Abef said lower European imports were due to protectionism. Sales to Russia rose 1.3% to 145,000 tons.


Sep 03 ¨C Aug 04 chicken exports totaled 2.249 million tons and $2.3 billion.


Brazil exported 253,623 tons of the meat in August. This is an increase of 30.4% on the same month in 2003, while revenue rose 33% to $243.9 million.


Of the August total, whole chickens accounted for 110,118 tons, up 26% on the same month in 2003. Revenue from this source climbed 23% to $83.7 million.


August chicken cuts exports totaled 142,505 tons, up 34% and revenue increased 39% to $160 million.


The average export price of whole chickens was $837/ton in August, up 13% on August 2003. For cuts, the average price rose 29.4% to $1,190/t.

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