September 16, 2010


Brazilian chicken exports up 18% in August



Brazil's chicken exports in August totalled US$616.2 million, up 18% from US$522.3 million in the same month last year, according to figures on Tuesday (Sep 14) from the Brazilian Poultry Association, or Ubabef.


In volume, shipments in August climbed 15.6% on the year, to 348,100 tonnes.


In a statement, Ubabef attributed stronger exports to the recovery of chicken prices after the global crisis and a rebound in consumption to normal levels in the main buying countries of Brazilian chicken.


In January through August, the country exported US$4.372 billion in chicken, 17% more than in the same period of 2009. In volume, exports advanced 3.6% in the eight-month period, to 2.513 million tonnes.


Meanwhile, Brazilian chicken production has been strong during 2010, reaching a monthly record in May. Total production is expected to reach 12 million tonnes, with the domestic market forecast to consume 8 million tonnes cwt.


Chicken consumption in Brazil is estimated at 40 kg/person per year, more than three times the volumes consumed 20 years ago. The rise comes as a result of increased production and the relatively lower chicken retail prices.

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