September 16, 2009
Chr Hansen introduces new antibiotic test kit
Press Release



Chr Hansen is introducing the recently launched BetaStar Combo, the quickest single test available to simultaneously detect beta-lactam and tetracycline antibiotic residues in milk.


As the international distributor of Neogen Corporation's dairy antibiotic tests, Chr. Hansen has expanded its offering of dairy antibiotic tests for the worldwide dairy industry to include BetaStar Combo.


In just five minutes, the new product is the fastest assay for beta-lactams and tetracyclines in a single test.


Developed to comply with the EU's maximum residue levels, BetaStar Combo utilises the same format as the BetaStar assay--an extremely easy lateral flow test that requires only minimal training and equipment to produce consistently accurate results.


BetaStar Combo, due to its ability to test for two major antibiotics groups in just five minutes, can help screen milk at the farm or before unloading the truck at the dairy. This will minimise the amounts of milk that may have to be discarded and eventually help maximise cost efficiency, said Ole Madsen, Marketing Manager Dairy Enzymes & Tests, Chr. Hansen. 


Madsen said Betastar Combo helps catch more antibiotics earlier in the milk chain.


''In combination with our offering of broad range microbiological test kits Chr. Hansen is able to offer a comprehensive testing solution that ensures as well as possible that antibiotic residues do not get through to consumer products'', Madsen said.