September 16, 2003



Corn Up, Beans Down In USDA Report


The USDA weekly crop progress report has rated corn higher and soybeans lower compared to last week as winter wheat planting continues.


Corn was rated 44% good/excellent, 30% fair, and 26% very-poor. Also, 88% of corn had reached the dented stage, compared to 89% last year. The harvested rate for corn was 7%, compared to 9% a year ago, and 9% average. The corn crop was rated as 40% mature, below 43% a year ago and a 49% average.


Ratings for soybeans were 41% good/excellent, 33% fair, and 26% very poor. As of Sunday, 35% of the soybean crop had dropped leaves compared to 39% a year ago, and an average of 41%.


The winter wheat crop was rated 16% planted, the same as a year ago, and ahead of a 14% average.


Meanwhile, cotton was rated 21% very-poor, 30% fair, and 49% good/excellent. As of Sunday, 45% of the cotton crop had bolls opened, versus 61% a year ago. The USDA reported 8% of the cotton crop as harvested, below 10% a year ago, and a 11% average.
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