September 16, 2003



New Case of Newcastle Disease in Denmark


Denmark's agricultural authorities confirmed Tuesday that Newcastle Disease, a highly contagious poultry virus, had been found in a flock of 5,000 wild ducks.


There was no indication that the birds had infected other birds on the island of Moen, where a dead wild flock was found, the Danish Veterinary and food Administration said in a statement.


The birds had two different viruses -- Duck virus enteritis, which is harmless to other poultry, and Paramyxovirus type 1, which can cause Newcastle Disease among poultry. They died from the Duck virus.


An outbreak of Newcastle Disease last year cost Denmark's poultry industry around 200 million Danish crowns ($30.35 million), local daily Jyllands-Posten reported on Tuesday.


Danish authorities are planning a vaccination against the disease.
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