ANDRITZ introduced two groundbreaking innovations for the animal feed market at VICTAM Asia 2022, currently being held at the Impact Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 7-9.

ANDRITZ experts are on hand at booth 1910 to demonstrate how the company's advanced technologies ensure that manufacturers in the region can remain competitive, increase productivity, reduce waste and maintain the highest levels of quality.

The new application showcased are the 3-Roll Assembly Upgrade for the Paladin 2000 and Metris Vibe – a groundbreaking, integrated solution for condition monitoring.

According to ANDRITZ, the 3-Roll Automatic Roll Adjustment system for the Paladin 2000 pellet mill enables different distances to be set between the die and the rolls. It gives feed manufacturers the ability to select the optimal distance between roll and die for different recipes on a single pellet mill, ensuring a higher-quality and more stable product, including a broader range of by-products.

Additionally, to support the efficiency of the 3-roll Automatic Roll Adjustment System, operators have the additional advantages of having roll slip control, quick die change and increased motor power available as options. Tangible operating and process benefits are what customers can expect to see, including improved pellet quality, increased capacity and improved power utilisation with an assembly that is durable, versatile and simple to operate, ANDRITZ said.

Metris Vibe is a wireless vibration and temperature sensor that can monitor the health status of mechanical equipment regardless of the original manufacturer.

Durable and wireless, the sensor works in all rough environments and delivers lower operating costs through predictive maintenance as well as increased uptime, reduced maintenance, higher production reliability and improved safety.

ANDRITZ explained the Vibe sensor measures the vibration and temperature input of key equipment, analysing corresponding data points and comparing them with the extensive vibration data contained in the diagnostic database. Its predictive capabilities not only minimise the risk of a catastrophic failure, operator injuries and high equipment repair costs, they also deliver increased productivity by minimising unplanned production stoppages, thus maximising availability and delivering uptime advantages.

Proactive advice and alerts are provided through the sensor's powerful operating programme via mobile app or web browser – anytime and anywhere. Securely integrated independently of customers' IT systems, this helps on-site maintenance teams identify the root cause of a problem quickly and enables inspections and maintenance to be focused and performed according to specific conditions before a more severe problem develops.

Additionally, ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel experts will deliver complementary presentations to provide further insight to customers. At "Build my Feed Mill" on September 9, Faisal Baig, vice president of Aftermarket, will provide an in-depth look at Metris Vibe, while Anders Lydom, product manager for animal feed, will present further details on the 3-Roll Automatic Roller Adjustment.

"At ANDRITZ we understand the needs of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region, and as such are here to support across projects of all sizes, including complete plant solutions," said KP Angamuthu, regional director of APAC. "Having an accountable partner that can deliver solutions and provide ongoing support is key, and we have continued to optimise processes and drive innovations that will enable customers to achieve the safest, most cost-effective production. Visitors to our booth can learn how working with ANDRITZ delivers significant benefits across their plant solutions requirements, based on their exact specifications at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. We are here to listen, to share ideas and experiences, and to demonstrate that, with the industry's most trusted services, we are there for our customers at all times."

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