September 15, 2014


Hong Kong to import Lithuanian poultry and dairy products



Hong Kong has agreed to import dairy and poultry products from Lithuania, with pork, beef and eggs likely to follow soon.


Lithuania's State Food and Veterinary Service(VMVT)says Hong Kong's autonomous government has approved Lithuania's request, submitted in late June, to export dairy products to the Chinese territory.


It also revealed that Hong Kong and Lithuania were finalizing agreements for the entry of Lithuanian pork, beef and eggs into the autonomous Chinese territory.


VMVT Director Jonas Milius further revealed that Lithuania received a certificate to exportpoultry products to Hong Kong two weeks ago.


The two governments had been negotiating for the entry of Lithuanian poultry and poultry products since two years ago.


Mr. Milius said major Lithuanian food producers have long wanted to enter the Hong Kong market, which they consider the gateway to the huge and lucrative mainland China market.