September 14, 2020


Strauss Brands seeks to build new beef packing plant in Milwaukee, US


Strauss Brands, a beef processor based in Wisconsin, the United States, is seeking approval to set up a new 152,000 square-foot packing facility, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

The company currently operates a 41,000 square-foot plant in Franklin, a suburb of Milwaukee, where it employs 170 workers. Strauss Brands markets grass-fed beef, free-raised veal and lamb products. The new plant would process between 250 and 500 cattle per day and employ about 260 workers.

Strauss Brand said it has exceeded its current space and is seeking a special use permit to build the new facility on about 30 acres. Plans for the plant include cattle pens, a harvest floor, carcass coolers, fabrication areas, packaging areas, warehouse areas, shipping docks, operations offices, employee welfare spaces and associated mechanical support facilities, according to a public hearing notice from the city of Franklin.

Strauss Brand prides itself in partnering with only US family farmers and ranchers to produce 100% grass finished beef cattle that are not administered antibiotics or hormones, according to its website.

- Drovers / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel