September 14, 2012


Brazil's chicken and pig production costs reach record highs in August 2012


Production costs for Brazil's broilers and pigs reach record highs in August 2012.


The rise in August was 12.73%. The index has accumulated 37.17% for broilers in 2012 and 35.02% for pigs in the last 12 months.


The nutrition of chickens, which composed 74.35% of the index last month rose by 12.42% in August and reached 31.60% in the year, pressured by changes in the prices of corn and soymeal.


Production costs for pigs have been high since May. In August, the index climbed 10.61%. For the year, costs increased by 27.98%, and 28.96% in the last 12 months. The prices of inputs that make up the diet of the animals were the main cause of the increase.

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