September 14, 2012


Dairygold launches beef, dairy feed system in Munster, Ireland


A result-focused, total feeding management system for dairy and beef farmers in Munster, Ireland has been launched by Dairygold Co-op.


The co-op's newly launched SleepEasi system is designed to be self-financing at a minimum. The aim of the system is to improve farm profitability, by reducing metabolic issues (displaced abomasums, milk fever), and by improving performance (milk yield/live weight gain), while maintaining or even reducing dry matter feed intake.


The SleepEasi system is co-promoted with Keenan, the feed mixer wagon manufacturer. The iKeenan technology, also required for Dairygold's SleepEasi system, can be built-in, or retro-fitted to any Keenan six-paddle diet wagon.


It directs the customer in the sequencing of raw materials to include in the feed mix; recalculates quantities of raw materials needed based on cow numbers; shuts down the mixer wagon when the required mixing level has been achieved; records the actual mixes fed, and benchmarks performance against other farms.


Farmer users can log onto the iKeenan system from a computer and view reports on every load of feed they mix on the farm, including flags which highlight any mixing errors. This leads to a greater focus on accuracy.

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