September 13, 2021


Russia a top meat supplier to Vietnam in first half of 2021



Russia was the largest supplier of meat to Vietnam in the first half of 2021, according to the Federal Center for Agroexport, citing the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Development of Vietnam.


The top five suppliers also included the United States, India, the Netherlands and Poland.


Russia exported 61,800 tonnes of meat to Vietnam from January-June, up 2.6 fold from the same period in 2020, according to Federal Customs Service statistics. The value of exports increased 2.5 fold, to US$121 million.


The main volume came from pork, shipments of which increased 2.5 fold and amounted to 55,000 tonnes worth US$116 million.


Additionally, in the first half of the year, Russia shipped 6.1 thousand tonnes of poultry meat to Vietnam worth US$3.4 million and 933 tonnes of beef worth US$1.5 million.


- Agroexport (Russia)

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